Important Update!

3/19/15: Further testimony was provided by FSGA President, Jetta Getty on Tuesday, March 17, 2015 at the Florida House of Representatives’ Children, Families, & Seniors Subcommittee Hearing on the topic of guardianship related to House Bill 1225 and proposed legislation for the creation of an Office of Public & Professional Guardians to replace the present Statewide Public Guardianship Office.  Click here, to read the letter addressed to the Florida House of Representatives and Subcommittee Members.  Click here, to obtain a scanned list of all House & Senate Representatives and their telephone contact information along with the FSGA position on House Bill 1225.  Click here to read the perspective document submitted and shared by FSGA member and conference speaker, Attorney Harry Hackney regarding the proposed legislation.


Official FSGA position papers along with a statement from the FSGA preseident, Jetta Getty, are available. Click here for the position paper for the Temporary Emergency Guardians legislation. You can view the President’s statement regarding this issue here.


Watch the sub-committee hearing testimony (note: this is not a live broadcast) on HB-5 (Guardianship Proceedings) & HB-7 (Pub. Rec./Claim Settlement on Behalf of Minor or Ward) here: Watch Committee Hearing!


Who are we?


Established in 1986, The Florida State Guardianship Association (FSGA) is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  FSGA is the premier statewide organization promoting and supporting excellence in the practice of guardianship and is the voice advocating for the incapacitated and their guardians.


Our Mission


The Florida State Guardianship Association is dedicated to the protection of the dignity and rights of incapacitated persons and to increasing the professionalism of guardianship through education, networking and legislative action.




The FSGA is approximately 500 members strong, made up of guardians, attorneys, care providers, fiduciaries, social workers, nurses, court personnel and many other disciplines, and many others make up this dynamic not for profit member organization. We have a statewide presence through our thirteen chapters and our members meet regularly for education, training, networking and development in their own communities. To become a member click here.

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