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FSGA has numerous standing and ad hoc committees, our members are strongly encouraged to join a committee and share their voice and expertise with other members.  Our committees meet regularly (usually monthly) over the phone or through a virtual meeting space.  Much of the ‘work’ done by FSGA is through our committees.  These committees reflect a variety of areas.






Take a look below and contact the Committee Chair via email for questions or more information.



Responsibilities:  The committee meets on an as-needed basis.  Contact Executive Office for more information. This committee’s objectives are to:

  • Maintain an accurate accounting of the Association’s fiscal functions.
  • Prepare an Annual Operating Budget for the Association, to be presented to the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting.
  • Prepare a detailed Annual Report of the Association expenditures, to be presented to the Board of Directors.
  • Secure an Annual Comprehensive Review of FSGA fiscal records by an independent.
  • Coordinate the fund-raising and development of revenue streams of the association.
  • Review cash flow, reserves, and overall fiscal policy.
  • Report and make recommendations to the Board.



Jennifer Burke, Chair
Responsibilities: The Bylaws committee meets frequently, and has about 10 members. This committee’s objectives are to:

  • Create, review and oversee the Association’s Bylaws.
  • Inform the members of proposed changes and direct voting procedures.
  • Review the Bylaws each year and make recommendations to the Board for revisions.
  • The Bylaws committee shall review any new chapters’ proposed bylaws.
  • Report and make recommendations to the Board. 


Jetta Getty and Joy Haney Chair
Responsibilities: The Conference Committee and subcommittees thereof meet regularly and more increasingly around the time of conference planning. Contact Executive Office at 800-718-0207 for more information. This committee’s objectives are to:

  • Direct the planning of the Association’s Annual Conference.
  • Contact other organizations, aging service networks, colleges, and universities for potential joint sponsorship of the Conference and participation of their membership.
  • Identify specific workshops to be included in the Agenda and schedule workshop.
  • Plan special activities for Conference participants, including an Awards Luncheon or Dinner.
  • Solicit exhibitors/ Sponsors for the Conference.
  • Plan local publicity for the Conference.
  • Negotiate firm contracts with hotels approved by the Board, and monitor agreements throughout the Annual Conference.
  • Prepare and distribute the following Conference informational materials.
  • Plan and implement the Conference registration process. 


Melinda Coulter, Chair
Responsibilities: The Education Committee will meet regularly by telephone.  For more information please contact the Committee Co-Chair, Melinda Coulter. This committee’s objectives are to:

  • Explore the possibility of developing workshops or seminars that could be utilized by FSGA at their annual meeting.
  • Review/approve proposed intensives for the annual conference. Plan a comprehensive education program, establishing major educational objectives for the association and developing specific plans for meeting those objectives.
  • Be responsible for reviewing all proffered syllabuses and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for the association’s endorsement(s).
  • Further the education of professional and family guardians.
  • The Education chairperson shall act as liaison with state agencies and organizations involved in education affecting guardians.
  • Foster relationships with sister agencies and not for profit partners.



Contact Committee Chair Reid Flamer

Please contact Reid if you are interested in serving on the Ethics Committee.



Contact Committee Chair, Dr. Harold Laski, for details.

  • Provide a Central Committee for members who are Examiners and can share information, education, and concerns.



Jetta Getty, Chair

The committee is chaired by Jetta L. Getty, NCG, and its committee members are comprised of Nationally Certified Guardians, Offices of Public Guardian, Attorneys, Professional Guardians, Clerk of Court Representatives, Fiduciaries and Paralegals.  We strongly support enhanced educational requirements for guardians, development of standards of practice, a disciplinary process, and monitoring tools to ensure adherence to statutory requirements. Please click here to read the committee’s recommendations.



Jetta Getty, Terry Seipelt, Co-Chairs

Responsibilities: The Legislative committee meets once per month by telephone.  It is one of FSGA’s larger committees with roughly 20 members participating. For more information please contact the Committee Co-Chairs, Jetta Getty or Terry Seipelt. This committee’s objectives are to:

  • Monitor state legislation and other legal issues affecting the association and its members.
  • Develop model state legislation and standards for presentation to the Board of Directors and Members.
  • Use the Association newsletter to inform members of developments in public policy that are of concern to the Association.
  • Submit papers on public policy to The Florida Guardian and other appropriate journals, and encourage such activity among the Association membership.
  • Gather, analyze and compile legislative data and present data in the form of position papers for the Association; formulate policy statements, with Board and/or membership approval, for the Association.



Robin Phemister, Chair
Responsibilities: The Membership Committee meets once per month by telephone.  It is a smaller committee.  For more information please contact the Committee Chair. This committee’s objectives are to:

  • Establish and maintain regular communication with active FSGA Members.
  • Communicate any suggestions or program ideas from active Members to the appropriate Committee Chairperson or Board of Directors.
  • Actively seek to increase membership by soliciting new members and encouraging rejoining members.
  • Make recommendations to the Board of Directors as to the benefits of membership.



Mary Lou McKeon, Chair
Responsibilities: The nominating committee shall be created by the Board of Directors. The committee meets on an as-needed basis.  This committee’s objectives are to:

  • Select and obtain agreements to serve from nominees for elected offices of the Association.  Agreement to serve if elected must be secured from all nominees prior to distribution of a slate of officers to the Association.
  • Solicit nominations for Directors positions that may be submitted by the general membership.
  • The Nominating Committee shall nominate a sufficient number of persons to fill any vacancies and to replace Officers and Directors whose term of office is expiring.
  • Prepare and distribute to Association Members, a slate of candidates.  Collect condensed versions of the resumes to be published in the official association publication prior to the election, with a clear delineation of the nominee’s contributions to the Association included.
  • Count returned ballots prior to the Annual Business Meeting.



Lesley Holman,  Chair
Responsibilities: The PR Committee meets once per month by telephone. This committee’s objectives are to:

  • Interpret the association’s services and needs to the community and its members. Solicit and review articles and manuscripts submitted for publication in the Association’s publications.
  • Develop and update FSGA promotional or marketing materials.
  • Make recommendations to the Board of Directors for any changes in current publication policies.
  • Develop, update and maintain a media list of statewide media outlets for press releases and dissemination of information with the approval of the FSGA President (or Board ) on behalf of the association.
  • Develop a media plan for National Guardianship Month to include outreach, awareness, and public education in conjunction with FSGA chapters.
  • Foster relationships with sister agencies and not for profit partners.