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North Central Florida

FSGA welcomes our newest chapter North Central Florida!!  This chapter covers Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Clay, Columbia, Dixie, Gilchrist,    Hamilton, Lafayette, Levy, and Suwannee  counties. The chapter will plan regular meetings and offer training and information to members and the local community.  If you are already an FSGA member and would like to join North Central send $25.00 per member by check or fill out the credit card information below and send to the executive office.  Let’s support our newest chapter!


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OPPG Rule Standards of Practice for Professional Guardians

Governor Rick Scott, signed into law the OPPG Standards of Practice on Guardianship,  Friday, June 23, 2017.  The Florida State Guardianship Association, under the leadership of Jetta L. Getty, as FSGA Legislative Committee Chairperson, was instrumental in the process of developing FSGA Standards of Practice for Florida Guardians (approved by the FSGA Board of Directors, March 19, 2016) from which the Office of Public & Professional Guardians within the Department of Elder Affairs, drew material to model and create their standards.   FSGA is proud to have been an active stakeholder participant with OPPG in joint efforts to elevate the professionalism of the Florida Guardianship Community.  View the OPPG Standards HERE.

Best regards,

Jetta L. Getty, NCG-CG
FSGA Legislative Committee Chair


Committee Members

Ellie Himes
Elena George
Gina Rossi
Lynda Leonard- Boyce
Lennie Burke
Anthony Palmieri
Bob Reese
Jetta Getty
Michelle Hollister
Bobbi Young
Irene Rausch
Deewyn Cox
Gail Lampert
Karen Greene
Jerome Silverberg
Darby Jones
Steve Hitchcock
Karen Cambell
Terry Sieplet
David Hook


FIG Announcements

Update on Foundation for Indigent Guardianship, Inc.


Vicki Simmons, Executive Director


The Board of the Foundation for Indigent Guardianship, Inc. (FIG) is pleased to announce several changes that you may want to know about as we pledge to support public guardianship as well as DOEA’s Office of Public and Professional Guardians.  Public guardianship is a critical component in Florida’s human services network and FIG joins with the Agency in trying to meet this ever-growing need.  In 2006, FIG founded The Florida Public Guardianship Pooled Special Needs Trust (Trust) with the sole purpose of helping people with disabilities qualify for or maintain means-tested public benefits, such as Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, food assistance and public housing while potentially benefiting Florida’s statewide public guardianship program. Since that date, the FIG Trust has distributed over $1,000,000 to public guardianship programs in Florida.  There have also been changes to the Trust along with other administrative changes.

During our fiscal year 2016-17, FIG completed the court process to amend our Trust by changing the administrative trustee from The Center for Special Needs Trusts Administration, Inc. (The Center) to Advocates & Guardians for the Elderly & Disabled, Inc. (AGED). Representatives of AGED can assist you with transition questions or help you establish a new Trust by contacting them at (407) 682-4111. You may also wish to visit AGED’s website for more information at www.TrustAGED.org  or click here for more information (link Rack Card).

As far as administrative changes go, I have been hired to replace LeeAnn Herman as Executive Director.  I look forward to the opportunity to share with you over 20 years of association management experience which includes over 10 years administrative educational support services about guardianship issues through grant funded programs of the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council (FDDC) to the North Florida Office of Public Guardian, Inc.

Please know FIG and I welcome your feedback and suggestions anytime to improve our services to each of the Offices of Public Guardians throughout the State.  We have established a direct phone number at 850-907-1299 and hope to launch our new website in the near future.  We are also working closely with DOEA’s OPPG office and will be having a web link on the OPPG website soon. But, of course, feel free to contact me anytime with OPG requests for funds, questions, or comments via email at:  simmonsv@DOEA.org.


The FIG Board and I hope to see you soon at the upcoming FSGA Conference!

Board of Directors Ballot 2017-2018

FSGA Board Positions 2017-2018

 Area Directors are elected from their area.  All members may vote for At Large Candidates.

The following FSGA members have been nominated for FSGA Board Positions.  To learn more about the candidate just click their name.  FSGA will send an email ballot or you may vote by paper ballot in person at the Annual Conference.


AREA VIII       Jesse Peck J.D., WMS

To vote in Area VIII your address of record must be in one of the following Counties Baker, Bradford, Clay, Columbia, Duval, Flagler, Nassau, Putnam, St. Johns, Union, Volusia


AREA VI         Heather McInnis, Esq.

To vote in Area VI your address of record must be in one of the following Counties Dixie, Hamilton, Franklin, Gadson, Jefferson Lafayette, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Suwanee. Taylor, Wakulla


AT-LARGE       Michelle Hollister, Esq.

All FSGA members may vote for At-Large Positions





FSGA is seeking nominations for the 2017 Award for Outstanding Chapter Member recognizing dedicated service within the guardianship community.

The FSGA is pleased to offer recognition of a FSGA member nominated by each local Chapter.

The nominee should be a member whom the Chapter considers worthy of formal recognition. The Outstanding Chapter Member Award will be presented to nominees during the 30th Annual FSGA 2017 Conference.  Criteria required for nomination is specified on the FSGA AWARD SUBMISSION FORM  There is no mandatory requirement for any Chapter to participate though all FSGA Chapters are encouraged to do.

It is our hope local chapter will take the opportunity to recognize an outstanding individual from each local area for contributions of dedicated leadership and exemplary service.  Please submit nominations forms to the Awards Committee via the FSGA Executive Office.   Thank you.

FSGA Board Postions

There are open board position for the July Board Elections.  members are encouraged to get involved. Area Director Positions will have openings for Area VI and Area VIII, currently open are Areas I and VII and VIII . One At Large Director will also come open with a term expiring in 2020.


Area and At’LArge Directors serve a term of three years.  The Area Directors shall serve as liaison between chapters in their designated region and the Board of Directors.  Nominees address of record must be within the area. The election is held by the members in the area only.


FSGA Directors identify and respond to trends in guardianship and other arenas. They set policy and direction for the organization. Directors generate support for FSGA through recruitment of new members and generating leads for sponsors and contributors to the Association.  Directors oversee the planning and development of the annual conference.


If you are interested in taking the next step see our Board Nomination Form.


Guardianship Workgroup

Workgroup to Focus on Guardianship Issues in Florida’s Courts

Read Full Press Release

Workgroup to Focus on Guardianship Issues in Florida’s Courts TALLAHASSEE – Few decisions are more challenging to a judge than removing a person’s rights because they are no longer capable of making decisions independently, Florida Chief Justice Jorge Labarga said Monday. Caseloads are increasing in number and complexity and have convinced him to create a workgroup to study guardianships in the court system with a goal of improving accountability to better protect vulnerable people – children, adults with developmental and mental disabilities, and the elderly

Letter from Andrew Johns, Workgroup Staff


The Florida State Guardianship Association worked directly with the Department of Elder Affairs Office of Public & Professional Guardians, in their efforts to elevate the standards of the Profession of Guardianship and increase the quality of service delivery to our most vulnerable citizens. FSGA offers its continued support at the educational and legislative levels. remaining involved with the OPPG on collaborative tasks. It is through the inclusion of numerous stakeholders many improvements occur. FSGA is excited to be a part of these efforts.

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