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OPPG Rule Standards of Practice for Professional Guardians

Governor Rick Scott, signed into law the OPPG Standards of Practice on Guardianship,  Friday, June 23, 2017.  The Florida State Guardianship Association, under the leadership of Jetta L. Getty, as FSGA Legislative Committee Chairperson, was instrumental in the process of developing FSGA Standards of Practice for Florida Guardians (approved by the FSGA Board of Directors, March 19, 2016) from which the Office of Public & Professional Guardians within the Department of Elder Affairs, drew material to model and create their standards.   FSGA is proud to have been an active stakeholder participant with OPPG in joint efforts to elevate the professionalism of the Florida Guardianship Community.  View the OPPG Standards HERE.

Best regards,

Jetta L. Getty, NCG-CG
FSGA Legislative Committee Chair


Committee Members

Ellie Himes
Elena George
Gina Rossi
Lynda Leonard- Boyce
Lennie Burke
Anthony Palmieri
Bob Reese
Jetta Getty
Michelle Hollister
Bobbi Young
Irene Rausch
Deewyn Cox
Gail Lampert
Karen Greene
Jerome Silverberg
Darby Jones
Steve Hitchcock
Karen Cambell
Terry Sieplet
David Hook