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Becoming a Guardian


The Office of Public and Guardianship Guardians (OPPG), housed within the Florida Department of Elder Affairs, is responsible for the registration of professional guardians and approval of guardian training courses and continuing education courses. OPPG also provides public guardianship in certain areas throughout the state.  http://elderaffairs.state.fl.us/doea/spgo.php


The first step to becoming a professional guardian is to find a 40 hour course. The course is regulated by OPPG and required for professional guardians in Florida. To search go to CE Broker – www.cebroker.com.


1. Search professional guardian.

2. Course type – live classes (the course is not offered online).

3. Search for Initial 40 hour course.

The courses are offered at different times and places throughout the state and can be offered depending on need. Please call the instructors listed on CE Broker to discuss further options and to obtain more information.


After completion of the Initial 40 hour course, a professional guardian is required to pass competency examinations administered by the University of South Florida.


Click this link to be connected to the USF course.


You must pass the competency exam prior to being able to complete initial registration with OPPG. Additionally background checks, credit checks and a bond are also required to register.


Once OPPG has approved your application you will be placed on the list of professional guardians. All compliance with this registration and renewal is regulated through OPPG, so please contact them for more information.  http://elderaffairs.state.fl.us/doea/spgo.php


It’s important to connect to your local community if you think you would like to become a guardian. Local professionals can be a good resource and help with mentoring and education. To find local professionals, see our Chapters page FSGA Chapters you may reach out to one of FSGA’s Chapters to attend a local meeting.


After you register with the Officce of Public and Professional Guardians, the FSGA will contact you and offer a free membership for the remainder of the membership year, so be sure to join!!!!