Eating is Everything? An Exploration of IV Nutrition and Hydration

Join the FSGA for an enlightening webinar via ZOOM tailored exclusively for FSGA members. Featuring Dr. Leonard R. Hock, DO, MACOI, CMD, FAAHPM, a distinguished Palliative Care Physician, Educator and Certified Medical Director (CMD). In this one-hour session, Dr. Hock analyzes the intricate realm of IV hydration and nutrition near the end of life when physiologic and metabolic changes occur. He will delve into the cultural and personal beliefs regarding hydration and nutrition.  Explore the ethical considerations surrounding forced feeding at end of life and discover strategies for addressing family concerns. This session is essential for interested parties and members of the Judiciary seeking Continuing Education Units (CEU) in Advance Directive specialization, as well as Continuing Legal Education (CLE) and Continuing Judicial Education (CJE). Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity. Register today for this enriching FREE webinar.

Speakers: Dr. Leonard R. Hock, DO, MACOI, CMD, FAAHPM

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